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Comparatively, extranet access (or a customer portal) is generally restricted to external users and enabled through a VPN. For more information about SharePoint, cloud computing, or more details about intranets and extranets, contact Innovative Architects . While the proprietary MS VPN solutions have issues, IPsec is extremely secure and very well supported. The big security issue with IPsec is the quality of the authentication scheme. I suggest using a two-factor system such as SecurID or X.509 certificates with passphrases rather than a simple password based system. May 14, 2019 · When you compare OneDrive vs. SharePoint, you’ll notice that they approach collaboration, file sharing, and project management in different ways. These tools are only 2 choices in a crowded project management software market full of specialized tools for marketing, construction, software development, and many other industries and tools. I'm going to have to agree with giltjr here. Assumption being you're talking about an IPSec tunnel or some other means of VPN, you still need physical capacity. If you're single T1 point-to-point can't handle that, you still need to augment the bandwidth as you grow. The fact that there's a VPN there doesn't make the augmentation easier. Mar 24, 2014 · Corporate IT departments have had a band-aid known as VPN for some time now, but it falls short of being the panacea vendors like Cisco make it out to be. Features in SharePoint Online vs The

Apr 24, 2017 · We need SharePoint to be accessed from a remote network. A VPN connection is in place and we can confirm access remotely by pinging, creating a mapped drive etc. When entering the URL it does prompt for credentials but eventually receive " Sorry, this site hasn't been shared with you."

How Can SharePoint Be Used for Content Management? SharePoint enables many ways to add metadata to files for sorting, organizing and keeping track of the content owned by businesses. More importantly, as a platform, SharePoint can force tags onto content as business users upload them to collaboration spaces. Apr 27, 2018 · Home is where your data is. If you need to access data remotely, and neither a VPN connection nor traditional cloud storage will do the trick, consider using OneDrive as a proxy for remote file active directory vs sharepoint. Second priority would be off-site access which can be accomplished with Terminal Server or VPN. Third, use SharePoint to make navigation of your network easier This allows the browser to resolve to your VPN virtual server’s IP address. To resolve URLs like to the same IP (VPN virtual server’s IP address, you must add a new record for the domain of Find the domain setting in your DNS server, and add a host record for

The VPN password is stored on the PC with a dedicated tool encrypting with SHA-256. Now, the firm says we must switch to a site-to-site VPN as they deem it simpler to control. We are concerned mainly because we fear that we become an integral part of their network and become partly responsible for its safety.

What is Microsoft SharePoint? Azure cannot be compared to SharePoint. They are apples and oranges. SharePoint is a customizable web application that can integrate with various other Microsoft services (like Exchange server for Outlook integration of your company data, and OneDrive for Business for file sharing of your company data.).