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Jul 24, 2006 AIX Error: PRNG is not SEEDED – Waldemar Mark Duszyk About Waldemar Mark Duszyk. A few quotes from readers: “Everything can be explained in a simple way, even rocket science. And you proved it.” “I never leave replies on these blogs and websites but you sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar! security - PHP Seeded, Deterministic, Cryptographically

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PRNG cannot be seeded if the chroot directory doesn't have acess to the /dev pseudofilesystem. PRNG is not seeded - Sun: Solaris - Tek-Tips Aug 15, 2002

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Subject: Re: Implementing ICSF - FOTS1949 PRNG is not seeded We are installing a z13s and going through preliminary setup. When selecting the Crypto tab in an Image profile, I … SSH and file prng_seed - Unix PRNG_SEED is used by ssh to create random keys to encrypt data. A better solution is to use a /dev/random device. This uses an entropy gathering mechanism which creates random numbers which are very difficult to predict. If you're running Solaris 8 you can install patch 112438 which will create the /dev/random device. Random Number Generator Recommendations for Applications Mar 14, 2020