Jul 08, 2020

Choose another server: Connecting to your nearest server will usually offer the best performance, … VPN Speed Test and Tips | StrongVPN Closer Connections = Faster Speeds. In general, the closer you are to the server, the faster your connection speed. You can find all of our VPN servers listed by package and location on our VPN Speed Test Locations page. You can also test VPN servers individually to locate the fastest connection. StronVPN Speed & Ping Test Servidor Brasil. Protocolos Jul 22, 2020 OpenVPN Performance on The Vault - Protectli Aug 20, 2018

Another interesting test, using the "shaper" option on the server, when it's set to 5000000 (40 mbps) the speed stays the same (36 mbps, same for any shaper value above that). When set to 2500000 (20 mbps) the speed still stays the same, so I get 36 mbps with a 20 mbps limit (and OpenVPN says "Output Traffic Shaping initialized at 2500000 bytes

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Hi Elvin. Typically, the further the VPN server you connect to, the worse your latency and download speed will be. That said, assuming you connect to your closest server (NordVPN has servers in Sydney and I’m pretty sure in Perth too), I would expect your ping to be in the 75 to 85 ms range and your download speed in the 40 to 45 mbps range (those are just guesses though – unfortunately

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