The ping command is one of the primary network troubleshooting tools to test reachability of a remote computer (hence the term ‘can it be pinged?’). Written by Mike Muuss in 1983 , this utility, comprise of about a thousand line of code, was reportedly named ‘ping’ to have it sound like the ping submarine sonar makes.

Ping Test Explained by WebSitePulse Apr 18, 2013 Ping - Windows CMD - The performance of PING, Get-CIMinstance, PSPINGand Test-Connection(PowerShell) are all comparable, the only difference being that PINGand Get-CIMinstanceallow modifying the ICMP timeout. How to test connectivity with ping: 1) Ping the loopbackaddress to verify that TCP/IP is installed and configured correctly on the local computer. How the PING command works in Chrome OS | Dell US May 14, 2019 Using the Extended ping and Extended traceroute Commands

Ping Test Explained by WebSitePulse

Jun 18, 2020 Fortigate – Ping and Traceroute options | TravelingPacket Apr 06, 2018

How the PING command works in Chrome OS | Dell US

However, the tool is better than the standard ping command, because measures latency for small and large packages. It may happen that large packets are fragmented on your ISP network. In this case, the delay for large packets will be higher than for small ones. The standard ping command will not show you the difference. In network diagnostics, the command line program provides ping information about the quality of the network connection between two computers. Follow these instructions for using a ping test to determine if the routing between your system and that of the target computer is functioning and what sort of delay you can expect when transferring data. 1. Added command-line options to make a single ping test and save it to html/text/xml/csv file. Fixed some problems with the xml file. Version 1.25 New column: Last Apr 06, 2018 · view-settings View the current settings for PING option. So to highlight a few of these options – Lets modify the source address we are pinging from, increase the amount of pings and then show the settings to confirm all is set. Fortigate-Firewall# exe ping-options source Fortigate-Firewall# exe ping-options repeat-count 1000 echo off cd\ :start echo %time% >> c:\somedirectory\pinghostname.txt ping pinghostname >> c:\somedirectory\pinghostname.txt goto start You can add your own options to the ping command based on your requirements. This doesn't put the time stamp on the same line as the ping, but it still gets you the info you need. As the other posters have already noted, extended ping, i.e. entering ping followed by an enter, will prompt you for various options including size (also offers a range of size too). However, the later IOSs also offer some of those options on the command line, size being one of them.