Newshosting Hits 9 Years of Binary Retention

Nov 16, 2018 · Click here for the $9.99/month Newshosting Special Offer. Click here for the $99.99/year Newshosting Special Offer ($8.33/month, save 17%) Retention: Over 1479 days old articles are being kept on their servers (that over 3 years old) and it is still becoming more daily. Newshosting runs its own servers globally and has the fastest, most consistent download speeds. Newshosting also provides access to over 11 years of binary and text retention -- the most available Founded in 1997, Newshosting is one of the oldest and most trusted Usenet providers known for providing the highest retention, most server locations, fastest speeds, and best service features. Newshosting offers lifetime discounts for visitors For only a limited time, you can get their Unlimited plan for either $9.99/mo with a monthly plan or $8.33/mo with their yearly plan (which is $99 per year). This is 33% off and 58% off for the monthly and yearly options, respectively, and the discount will apply for as long as your NEWSHOSTING SPECIAL. Best Overall Usenet provider . Exclusive Newshosting Deal (58% Discount) $9.99 a month $14.95 a month. Only $99.99 a year (VPN included) $203.40 a year. Visit our Newshosting special offer page for more details. Newshosting features - 4,200 days binary retention - Free Usenet Newsreader - Unlimited Usenet access - Up to 30 Mar 05, 2020 · has worked with Newshosting to give members access to their new exclusive Unlimited special: $9.99/month (Retail: $14.95) or $99.99/year (Retail: $155.40) Repair and extract You no longer require Usenet tools like WinRAR, QuickPar, and 7-Zip with the Newshosting customer.

Jun 20, 2019 · This package includes both Usenet and VPN at only $99 a year. Newshosting has easy payment options which include PayPal and Credit Card. They also accept MasterCard, Visa Card, Discover, JCB

Opinions on : usenet I've been with Newshosting off and on for years and if you didn't get in on a Black Friday sale, there's a lot to be said for their $99 yearly promotional plan (google it; most of the usenet "review" sites have a link). Their in-house VPN is quite good and what with DMCA notices I find I need to torrent once in a while. Newshosting Hits 9 Years of Binary Retention

Hi all, quick question: I've been a newshosting customer for many years, and I've never been able to take part in new user sales or discounts. However I noticed this past year and currently they are offering much better prices than what I've been paying, including a current $99.99 annual plan (I'm paying $155).

The best Usenet providers by backbone Newshosting is offering NH Unlimited Usenet access for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. Main Features of Newshosting Completion: I have always good completion rates with Newshosting. If you combine Newshosting with Obfuscated Filenames, you are all set. Usage and Troubleshooting - Newshosting How does Newshosting track usage? Are headers counted? How many concurrent connections am I allowed? I just signed up and cannot post to usenet, why? Reverse traceroute What are .rar or .r01, .r02 files? What can I do if port 119 (NNTP) is blocked on my network? What should my mail server setting be? Why can't I download any more? Newshosting Usenet Review - Planet Usenet Nov 16, 2018 Newshosting Review - 44% Off Coupon And Promo Codes