When trying to play downloaded Netflix movies from my iPhone, I could not get the audio to play through the Jensen stereo via Bluetooth when using the Apple iPhone HDMI adapter for video to TV. I was able to with Amazon Prime, primarily by using the menu option to direct where to send the audio (Airplay icon, rectangle over solid triangle).

Netflix on Us: Netflix Offer from T-Mobile | T-Mobile Get Netflix on Us included in your T-Mobile plan at no additional cost for access to unlimited movies and TV shows on your laptop, TV, phone, or tablet today! r/netflix - Why cant I watch Netflix on my TV through a Nov 21, 2008 ‎Netflix on the App Store Alright, Netflix is awesome! It’s so easy to stream movies, TV shows, interactive games, and more all accessible through Netflix! The only thing that I could think of to improve this app is another section. So far there is kids and adult. But what about teens like me? Kids has a TON of cartoons and kiddy shows.

Casting Netflix to Apple TV Using AirPlay. If you have an Apple TV and an iPhone, you can also use AirPlay to send Netflix content to your TV. This is similar to the Chromecast option where you don't actually have to install the Netflix app on your Apple TV to stream from your smartphone.

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You Can Now Stream Netflix Straight From the Apple TV App Jan 19, 2017 How to watch Netflix on your TV in 5 different ways Watch Netflix on a smart TV. These days, many large flat screen televisions double as "smart TVs" … Netflix on Us | T-Mobile Support You'll then have two Netflix accounts: one billed directly through Netflix, and the Netflix on Us streaming account paid for by T-Mobile. Offer subject to change. Receive Netflix Basic (one-screen, up to $8.99/mo. value) while you maintain two+ qual'g Magenta lines in good standing. 6 Simple Ways to Watch Netflix on TV - wikiHow