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Apr 28, 2011 10 things you should know about IPv6 addressing - TechRepublic Oct 22, 2010 Failover Clustering and IPv6 in Windows Server 2012 R2 Additionally, you can use link-local (fe80) IPv6 address for your internal cluster traffic so IPv6 can be used for clustering even if you don’t use IPv6 for your public facing interfaces. Note that you can only have one cluster network using IPv6 link-local (fe80) addresses in your cluster.

IPv6 Link Local addresses are used by devices for communicating with other nodes on the same link. The scope of an IPv6 Link Local address is the local link. IPv6 Link Local addresses are auto-generated and many international technology leaders generate IPv6 Link Local …

IPv6-test.com is a free service that checks your IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity and speed. Diagnose connection problems, discover which address(es) you are currently using to browse the Internet, and what is your browser's protocol of choice when both v6 and v4 are available. How to configure IPv6 address in Windows If the derived link-local address is a duplicate, stateless address autoconfiguration for the IPv6 protocol for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista can continue with the receipt of a multicast Router Advertisement message containing site-local, unique local, or global prefixes. Configuration 1: Single Subnet with Link-local Addresses

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The static IPv6 is a prefix delegation and if you have an IPv6 compliant router it can accept that prefix delegation and subsequently assign or allow you to assign static IPv6 … IPv6 Addresses: Scopes and Zones Dec 02, 2014