Feb 09, 2020 · Best Legal Torrent Sites. The good news for torrent fans is that there are plenty of sites out there which have great selections of fully legal torrents. Whether you want to read new books, watch independent movies, listen to new bands, or try out open source software, you can find all of this content for free and legally on torrent sites

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Canada Torrenting Laws: Legal or Not? Torrents are a popular way of downloading things – legal things, and of course in some cases, not-so-legal things – whereby many users share small bits of a larger file with each other to enable some potentially very fast download speeds. Of course, the downside on the privacy front is that all

Apr 02, 2015 · When downloading via Bit Torrent clients, most users will also be simultaneously uploading parts of the file to others. Voltage Pictures is currently involved in a lengthy court battle with Jan 15, 2020 · Legit Torrents is a collection of close to 1,700 torrents, which appears to be mostly software with some of the other content. It bills itself as hosting 100% Legally Free Media. Librivox offers all of its public domain audiobooks for free download through torrents. From what I saw, all the torrents are seeded by the Archive.org servers. Jan 02, 2015 · Canadians accustomed to illegally downloading copyrighted material without facing consequences could be in for a shock this year, as a new law takes effect requiring Internet service providers to Nov 11, 2007 · The Canadian police announced that it will stop targeting people who download copyrighted material for personal use. Their priority will be to focus on organized crime and copyright theft that

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